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Introduction to MTP/MPO Fiber Optic Cable

MTP stands for multi-fiber termination push-on. MTP connector is designed as a high-performance version of the multi-fiber push on (MPO). The two terms both are used for fiber-optic cabling, and they are often used interchangeably. MTP/MPO fiber cable takes its name from the MTP/MPO connector, which allows high-density connections between network equipment in telecommunication rooms. MTP/MPO connectors are paving the way for increased data transmission speeds and rack density. The following text will thoroughly cover types, advantages and applications of MTP/MPO fiber optic cables.

Types of MTP/MPO Fiber Optic Cable

There are different types of MTP/MPO fiber cable based on various criteria. According to the core of the fiber, MTP/MPO fiber cable are categorized into MTP/MPO single mode fiber patch cords and MTP/MPO multi-mode fiber patch cords. According to the connectors on both ends, there are mainly two configurations for MTP/MPO fiber patch cables. One is the MTP/MPO connector to MTP/MPO connector, which is often called MTP/MPO trunk cable. The other is MTP/MPO connector to standard LC/FC/SC/ST/MTRJ connectors (generally MTP/MPO to LC), which is often called the MTP/MPO harness cable, or MTP/MPO fan-out cable. The following picture shows an MTP/MPO trunk cable and an MTP/MPO harness cable.

MTP (MPO) Trunk Cable & MTP(MPO) Harness Cable

Advantages of MTP/MPO Fiber Optic Cable

The MTP/MPO fiber system is a truly innovative group of products which moves fiber optic networks into the new millennium. MTP/MPO connector, as a kind of multi-fiber connector, is most commonly used for 12 or 24 fibers. It has about the same size of a SC connector and provides up to 12 or 24 times the density, thereby offering savings in circuit card and rack space. Using MTP/MPO trunk cables, a complete fiber optic backbone can be installed without any field termination being required. Moreover, MTP/MPO connector are compatible with VZ TPR.9431, IEC-61754-7 and EIA/TIA-604-5. It uses a simple push-pull latching mechanism for easy and intuitive insertion and removal.

MTP/MPO fiber optic cable is also called MTP/MPO fiber jumper. It is one kind of fiber optic patch cord which utilizes precision ferrules, precise housing dimension and metal guide pins to ensure fiber positioning when mating and give excellent performance. And the easy installation of MTP/MPO fiber optic cables saves time and money. They can optimize network performance and maximize lifespan. MTP/MPO multi-fiber jumpers deliver the performance and reliability needed in today’s demanding high-speed broadband and data networks. They are designed to cater for up-scaling needs and future technologies growth.

Applications of MTP/MPO Fiber Optic Cable

MTP/MPO fiber optic cable is the choice for a wide variety of applications. They can be used for backbones, disaster recovery, building fiber optic distribution, quick setup of new wiring hubs, warehouses, direct termination of ribbon cables, repair of plug and play universal system solutions, and parallel optical interconnects between servers. Besides these general applications, MTP/MPO trunk cable and MTP/MPO harness cable, two commonly used MTP/MPO fiber patch cords, have their respective special uses. MTP/MPO trunk cables are available in 12-144 count. These high count MTP/MPO assemblies are ideal for backbone and data center applications that require a high fiber count in a limited space. MTP/MPO fan-out assemblies provide connection to equipment or panels that are terminated with ST, SC, FDDI, or ESCON connectors and meet a variety of fiber cabling requirements. Such assemblies are pre-wired available for patch panels and wall enclosures.

Fiberstore offers single mode and multi-mode MTP/MPO assemblies, such as MTP-LC, MTP-ST, simplex and duplex. UPC MTP/MPO assemblies and APC MTP/MPO cables can also be provided. All fiber counts are available in plenum, riser, or outdoor ratings to suit different kinds of environment. Our high quality factory pre-termination eliminates the need for costly field termination and testing.